No more trying to balancing crazy schedules with only little time for loved ones. Why? Because your dream job offers a ton of flexibility. Meanwhile, you’re earning money to be you – a creative. Other plus? You’re the boss and you’re calling the shots.

That's what my life is.

But it didn’t always start that way. Wasted money on pointless ads? Check. Got a portfolio but no one cares? Yup. And my favorite – made crappy pricing based on insecurities? Sadly, been there, too.

But after a few years of trial and error, learning and teaching other photographers, I know exactly what it takes to build a successful and profitable photography business.

I’m Krizel – a wedding photographer based in Central CA. I started my photography business in 2015. I knew nothing about marketing and was completely stumped about where to start.

I just knew I had to start.

how it all started

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When I first started photography, I gave it as much as I could while balancing a big fat schedule (a full time job and full-time student in a Masters program). Fortunately… fast forward to now – I’ve grown my business from nothing and a bunch of mistakes to a six-figure full-time business that I’m proud of.

At first, I was intimidated by all the hairy details that came with marketing and tech. But my determination to see my little business succeed far outweighed the struggles. There were SO many moments when I cried, got stressed out, and wanted to pull my hair out. But I persisted and I actually did it. Now, I love marketing and tech. Crazy, right?

So, I created this blog full of photography marketing strategies for all the fearless creatives out there that have the hustle to get sh** done.

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Over the years, I’ve heard these issues photographers have with marketing…

Marketing is gross and is reserved for slime balls.

Marketing is for people that want a huge business. I just want a small, meaningful photography career. 

I don’t need to market because my beautiful work should speak for itself.

But this is what marketing actually is...

But the truth is...

Marketing is amazing, and doesn’t have to be sleezy. It actually can be genuine and – dare I say it – FUN. 

In this blog, I share easy to understand, step-by-step online marketing strategies to not only get you EXCITED but THRIVING.

Hoping for beautiful images to market for you isn’t a strategy. That’s banking on luck. The reality is that true success isn’t hand delivered or happenstance. True success is hard work, deliberation and strategy.

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