} 5 Reasons Why SEO Matters to Your Photography Business

5 Reasons why SEO Matters to Your Photography Business

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Why deal with SEO when there’s more attractive solutions, like Instagram and Pinterest? Not only do you get to promote your work, but you can consume content also. Win, win. Plus, SEO is challenging. From meta tags, Google Analytics, keywords, plug-ins, and all kinds of tech, it can so overwhelming that you don’t even want to try it at all.

But in this blog, I’ll talk about 5 reasons why SEO matters to your local photography business. By the end of it, you’ll definitely want to give this powerful strategy a try to grow your own business.

Organic discovery so you can skip out on paid marketing.

When you optimize your website and blog posts for search engines, you’ll organically be discovered by your targeted keywords. If you’re able to rank well and maintain a high position for your keywords, you can regularly get discovered by your ideal clients without paying for advertising.

In 2018, Google’s search and ad tools helped with close to $3 billion of economic activity. In other words – Google is a powerful search engine that has the potential to boost your exposure and bring in profits. Naturally, being able to be seen on the first page of Google is worth a lot, especially in terms of ad spend.  

Get more inquiries.

If you’re able to rank well in search engines, you can build regular traffic. And when you have regular traffic, you have the opportunity to turn those visitors into people that send inquiries.

Earn the trust of new clients.

To optimize your page on Google, you’ll need to optimize your main page and you’ll also need to have all your blog pages optimized. To have your pages optimized, this usually means you’ll need to create quality content for your visitors, which helps build trust with visitors and bring in inquiries.

Your content could be consistently seen without being affected by major algorithm changes, unlike social media.

When you create content for your website you have the ability to control what information is shared and in what order. You organize and feature special blog content the way you want visitors to see it. Social media, on the other hand, you’re at the mercy of algorithm changes with only 30% of your followers actually viewing your posts.

This doesn’t mean you abandon social. This just means you need to diversify your marketing channels so you have multiple places to share your content consistently.

Help you reach the RIGHT clients.

When you curate content for your blog post, you’re ideally creating content that caters to your ideal client. And when you’re able to rank well and get found by them, you’ll be able to attract the right clients to your business. This is powerful!

To help you get started, here’s a freebie to help you identify 3 common mistakes photographers make that prevent them from having their pages optimized.

5 Reasons why SEO Matters to Your Photography Business

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