} 4 powerful ways to boost your inquiries online without paid advertising

4 powerful ways to boost your inquiries online without paid advertising

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For a lot of photographers starting out, we’re balancing a million things: whether that’s a full time job, a full-time school load, being a full-time mama, or whatever full-time obligation. We’ve got a lot of things going on in our lives that make it harder to go to networking events, workshops, and meeting up with photographers.

I still encourage connecting with people, because that’s super important for growing your business and community! But our time is limited, so we may not be able do it ALL the time.

Fortunately, the internet allows us to connect with tons of people with a post or a blog and we don’t have to be physically present. This is super time-efficient and can be really powerful for our business.

So here are 4 powerful ways to boost your inquiries online without paid advertising.

Hashtags on Instagram

I get it. They look gross. They look tacky. But the truth is that hashtags are really powerful. Tons of people use hashtags as a way to research, get inspiration or get more information on a brand or service. It’s almost like a search engine.

This means hashtags are a huge opportunity for you to gain exposure, especially within your local community. Over a quarter of my inquiries come from Instagram and I attribute it to hashtags. In fact, when I was stuck at less than 400 followers, I had NO idea how to book with such a tiny following. So, I started adding more (and relevant) hashtags to my posts, and the inquiries started pouring in.

Local SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In a nutshell SEO is about optimizing your website so that it’s crawlable and is pulled up in search engines. When you optimize your website for certain longtail keywords (in others words, search keywords that are at least longer than two words), you have the potential to get discovered by your ideal clients.

Optimizing your website can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not tech inclined. But no worries – I’ve got a free resource for you that can help you optimize your website and get discovered. You can grab it here.


Pinterest is argued to be a visual search engine, rather than a social media platform. When you think about it, there really isn’t much socializing going on. It’s a place where people find inspiration and search for information. When you look at feeds, you COULD see your friends pins, but you’re not seeing them. You’re also not really engaging with them.

Instead, Pinterest is a place to search for content and consume content. This means this is an opportunity to be found, just like in search engines and hashtags. The trick is to create boards that cater to your local community and think about things that your ideal client would look for as it relates to your service.  

Calls to action

Encourage your visitors to take action – whether that’s on social or on your website. CTAs (calls to action) are usually text or buttons that encourage visitors to take a certain action. For example, “Book Now” or “Learn More” are call to actions.

These are really important because people are typically scanning information really quickly. And because photographers are usually a new thing for most people to book (like for newborns, senior portraits, weddings, etcetera), they need help understanding the next steps.

By making those next steps easier to do, you’ll increase the likelihood of you seeing more inquiries. So to increase your online inquiries you want to TASTEFULLY sprinkle around buttons that encourage the visitor to send an inquiry. Some example CTAs include, “Learn More”, “Send a Message”, “Connect Now”, “Book Now”, “Find Out Pricing”, “Get Availability” etcetera.

If you’re interested in learning more on how to get more inquiries and get booked, make sure to grab my freebie, 4 powerful ways to boost your inquiries online without paid advertising

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